Thursday, November 24, 2016

Day One of Travels

We've talked about it. Since we got together it's always been an idea. We would, at some point, go travelling. Not take a long holiday somewhere, we would take some real time out and backpack around southeast Asia.

So we decided. We bit the bullet and booked. And, as I type this, on our first flight out (Gatwick to Dubai, thank you Emirates WiFi), I'm still finding it hard to believe we're finally doing this.

So, we start in Thailand, before heading to Bali for Christmas and then we'll spend some time in Indonesia before a short five days in Singapore... from there to Borneo, then back to Kuala Lumpur, heading then to North of Malaysia before flying to Vietnam where we'll travel south from Hanoi and cross the border to Cambodia by which time it'll be about April and we'll be looking to head home.

Pretty exciting!

So how's it going so far? Well, I'm on my third in-flight film. Having watched The Shallows and Bad Moms, I'm getting ready to enjoy Ghostbusters for the first time since the cinema. Anyone who knows me knows that this means I'm having a pretty good time as I love my movies. Thankfully, they're good enough that I've been able to forgive the very unhappy baby nearby, the woman in front of me reclining her chair fully through our meal, the lukewarm meal itself and, finally, and possibly most irritating, the lack of bloody Mary mix. Vodka, tomato juice with salt and pepper does not a bloody Mary make.

We have just over three hours to go on this first leg of the flight. Then a couple hours in Dubai before our connecting 6 hour flight to Phuket. Fingers crossed I get some good films on that one too... Though the plan is to attempt the ever evasive plane sleep.

As ridiculous as it sounds, I still cannot fathom that we're actually, finally, going. Lately, my memory has flooded with times spent in Thailand with my sister six years ago. Restaurants on the sea, bungalows on the beach, bars...I cannot wait.

Anyway, I'm going to seize this moment to run to the loos while there's no queue... No sign of the bar trolley either...I guess it doesn't matter... that bloody Mary really did leave a lot to be desired.

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