Friday, December 23, 2016

Day 30 - More Samui and Bangkok

So, we completed our yoga retreat, and met some lovely people while we were there, and felt slightly more broken with each passing day. I made two classes a day, that's 3-4 hours of yoga a day. By check out I was in much need of a rest. Ben made two classes... in total, and came away knowing yoga is not his thing.

If anyone wants specific information on the yoga retreat (Vikasa Yoga Retreat), I left a detailed review on Tripadvisor or you can message me!

Upon checking out, we decided to eschew any plans to cram another island into our travels and headed further north on Koh Samui to Chaweng beach for a couple of nights.

We booked into the Chaweng Budget Hotel, which was far from budget! It was pretty similar to a Premier Inn, and Ben and I settled in very happily, donning the provided robes! Chaweng itself was alright, though it rained the entirety of our second day there, which was particularly annoying as our hotel, paired with it's 'sister' hotel across the road, had a very nice pool. Instead we ended up in a little café enjoying some pastries...

Oh, and I was very pleased to spot a bottle of Hendrick's behind the bar of the place we went for dinner...

Served up with sliced cucumber and everything. I was happy. Ok, so, Samui airport is beautiful, I didn't take a picture for some reason but, good for you to know.

We landed in Bangkok early evening and got to our hotel, took ourselves out for a tasty dinner (and entertaining chat with the people next to us) then met Curtis and Punchie for drinks! Curtis is Ben's friend who currently lives in Bangkok and Punchie is his girlfriend for those who don't know.

That turned into a good little night with Ben and I eating cheese and ham toasties in bed at about 3am.

The next day... started late. Dragging ourselves out of bed for breakfast (read, lunch), we then journeyed to Curtis and Punchie's place to chill.

This is where we spent about six hours. It was glorious. The next day, deciding we really should do something 'cultural', Ben and I trekked to Wat Pho. It was pretty hot and about a mile away so by the time we got there we kind of dragged ourselves around half heartedly...

Though I have to admit, the reclining Buddha really is a sight to behold.

It's really hard to convey the size in a picture but, trust me, it's huge. Anyway, done with being cultural and faced with the walk back, I talked Ben into a foot massage which were readily available and in demand at Wat Pho. 30 minutes later with our freshly moisturised feet sliding about in our flip flops, we trekked back to our little Guesthouse, which, I've just realised I haven't mentioned yet!! We're currently staying in BB House, it's awesome.

Though we've peeked in the downstairs rooms and we're definitely lucky that a terrace room was available. I'm actually sat up here now writing this blog post. Got me a big bottle of Leo, my little iPod is blasting a Nichola-variety playlist and I'm enjoying the heat of the Bangkok sun, steadfastly ignoring the guy who previously asked me to put cream on his fresh back tattoo the other day...

But I digress.

That night, Curtis and Punchie joined us for a night on khoasan rd.

We started in roof bar, which Fiona and I had enjoyed a lot in our time in Bangkok, but we got there a bit early so it was quiet, though the guy did a nice rendition of The Chainsmoker's 'Closer' which has become our travel song.

We met Punchie and Curtis in Hippie de Bar, where I had started on the cocktails...

En route to the next bar, Ben and Curtis stopped for scorpions, as you do.

The next day... was a bit of a write off... asides from dragging ourselves out for provisions, Ben and I essentially had a recovery day. We got to bed early with every intention of heading up to Ayutthaya for the day, but late on, after researching the train journey length, the suggested time needed to see the main viewpoints... well, in summary, when the alarm went off at 7am, we turned it off and slept till 10am instead.

So, our cultural trip went out the window and instead we headed to MBK centre for a bit of shopping and saw Passengers and Assassin's Creed.

This turned out to be a pretty good choice since I was suffering the after effects of a deliciously spicy fried rice from the night before...

And that brings us to today. Today folks, we bought the things in Thailand we've been meaning to buy for a while, little pair of shorts for Nichola, and a pair for Ben, elephant trousers for Nichola and another vest for Ben who is throwing out his previously packed t-shirts left, right and centre.

Today's our last day in Thailand. We fly to Bali tomorrow. Thailand's done. How did that happen?! We've finished a whole country in our travel plan. We've finished a whole month! It doesn't feel like a month. At the same time it doesn't feel like we arrived yesterday. We're just on some kind of time pause, but then, I guess that's why you go away, isn't it? To slow down, to not think about getting through a day or getting to the weekend, to not measure the time passing...I guess I should stop naming this blog posts after days gone...

On that note, I can't even begin to convey how much I haven't noticed Christmas is coming up. I haven't watched a single Christmas movie or heard a Christmas song, and asides from the occasional Christmas tree I've spotted... I've just forgotten about it!

Hope all of you back home and everywhere else are thoroughly in the Christmas spirit though!! 

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