Saturday, December 31, 2016

Day 39 - Happy New Year!

It's the 1st of January 2017, happy new year! Gemma, Ben and I rang in the new year at a restaurant/bar called Romeo's. Plenty of horns, a lot of shaking hands and wishing people a happy new year, and Auld Lang Syne playing vaguely in the background.

We've been in Bali for 9 days now. I'd heard mixed things about Bali, with a lot of people saying it was pretty destroyed by tourism. After a lot of research, we decided to stay in the Seminyak area, which is supposed to be a more chilled out, but still lots to do, area of Bali.

From what we've seen of Kuta, we made the right choice, however, we were not aware of the constant traffic here, nor of the fact that at this time of year, our nearest beach becomes the deposit station for the sea's rubbish, something that both hindered our holiday enjoyment and made me sad for the environment.

Some checking in with Chris informed me that we weren't on the best side of Bali for the beaches, I guess my online research let me down there, but hey.

We're staying at the Baleka resort and spa. It has equal parts pleased us and let us down... Rooms are gorgeous, pools are wonderful, price is right, however, restaurant is lacking, we've had a few power cuts and the water has occasionally vanished from the taps and shower...

But that's enough negativity, and unwarranted too because we've actually had an amazing time here.

It's been very much a holiday 'break' in our travels as we've stayed put in one place. We've had many a pool day, which has been seriously relaxing, and a nice little luxury since we know this option won't come along a lot on our travels. We've mixed it up with a bar day (a lot of cards played), a cinema trip (Rogue One), and a day at the water park (just, all kinds of awesome).

We spent Christmas day watching Balinese dancers and a relatively poor drag show with Curtis, Punchie and Curtis' sister, Charlotte.

Tomorrow night, Gemma flies back home... Hopefully with a more pleasant journey than she suffered on the way here, and Ben and I check out the next morning... We're headed to the Gili islands where we'll get the beach time we missed here, on our way to our pre-booked surf retreat we're also planning to spend a few days in Ubud, as we've heard nothing but good things.

We're nearly a third into our Indonesian travels already... Where does the time go??

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